February 2021

While buying a house could be an essential goal for every walk of life. It is very important to buy a house for the right reason. So, are you ready to buy a house now? Buying or financing a house is not just like buying an item; it is a thing that should be done with a lot of reasons and caution.

If you are not prepared and ready well, the worst consequence is you might become a house poor. This will cause you to fail to meet your long-term financial goals on time. You should ensure that you are ready well and not just buying a house because you feel like it is “suppose” the thing you have to do in your life. Here are the reasons why you should consider the bangi landed property.

bangi house


Bangi is a small town that nearby the Kajang and Nilai. The property with highly accessible from this town to other areas has attracted a lot of people to invest in the Bangi landed property. Since the Malaysia government has extended the MRT line to Kajang,  Kajang has become a more eye-catchy city for the local people.  

A lot of people are looking for the available unit of Kajang 2 new house for sale currently. Bangi and Kajang have become a more developed town. It is a very good reason to invest the property in these areas now.

bangi property

Variety in property offer

Although Kajang and Bangi both of them are a small town, you also can find a variety form of property in these areas. For example, you will find that the property unit like Kajang 2 new condo for sale in these areas.

Other than that, you will find out that in Bangi area, the type of apartment that for lease is normally different from other areas. In Bangi, you can get an available unit Bangi service apartment for sale price is slightly lower than other areas. The price of a service apartment usually will be lower than a Bangi condominium because of the difference in standard.

What need to look for when buying a new property

Reputable developer

When you are looking for buying a new house, the priority thing you should consider is the reputation of the property developer. A good property developer usually hard to be found, you need to do some homework before getting them.  Think twice before you make any impulse decision that will make you regret in future. Do not underestimate the review of people, you should try to listen to what others said about the developer.

Identify your budget

Before you buy any housing property, you should set a budget for yourself. This will aid you in choosing the most affordable property options for yourself. If you view buying a house as an investment, then you might need to calculate all the cost might include in your house purchase.

A lot of high-income local people will prefer to buy the house with Southville City near the centre of the city. The value trade-off of the house located in the centre of the city will be higher than in other areas. So, if you are investor, you can try to look for the kl south new condo, the housing property that nearby the area usually is very optimistic for an investor.

For you to achieve any success with any project then you need to put together a team of experts who will carefully plan the process and collaborate with the other team members to make the project a success.

This team has to comprise of top of the line, well experienced and talented project management experts, as well as a top project management professional, is all that it takes to make any project a success.

project management professional

For any meaningful success to be achieved with any project management process then there has to be perfect chemistry and understanding that will make this project a success. A project comprises of so many people most of whom who have a CAPM certificate while others have other different qualifications.

However, you might be surprised to know that we have so many people who still do not know or cannot tell the exact roles that are played by project management experts. This is why we have decided to do this discussion with the view of helping you understand perfectly the exact roles of anyone who takes part in making any project a success.

The Project Manager

This is the person who plays a primary role in every project. Most of these managers have an HRDF claimable training and are the people responsible for the completion of the project in a successful way. The manager bears the role of making sure that the project goes on and gets completed within the specified time frame.

pmi malaysia

This is the person who plays a primary role in every project. Most of these managers have an HRDF claimable training and are the people responsible for the completion of the project in a successful way. The manager bears the role of making sure that the project goes on and gets completed within the specified time frame.

It is also the role of the project manager to make sure that this project goes in the right way and operates within the right budget achieving the intended objectives in the end. These managers also try much as they can to make sure that the projects, they are controlling are allocated sufficient resources that will make them a success.

The Project Team Members

These are the people who actively work on one or more than that phases of a project. This group of individuals could be in house staff members or in some cases, they might be consultants sourced from outside who major in PMI ATP. Most of the team project members with PMI Malaysia certification can work on a project on either full time or part-time basis.

The roles assigned to these members vary according to the nature of the project. Most of these team members have PMP Malaysia certificate which proves that they have the right skills and experience required to take on any project and complete well on time.

Project Sponsor

This is the driver as well as the in-house champion of the project. This group is formed by senior management of the company who have a great stake in the outcome of the project. The project sponsors work so closely with the project managers and some of them could even include PMI RMP.  It is these sponsors, who legitimize the project objectives and also participate in the high-level project planning.

The sponsors on top of that also help in resolving any conflicts as well as other obstacles which might occur through the project process. They also are the people responsible for the signing of project approvals to the next level if there is a need to do so.

If you are quite unsure about the roles played by various people who make up a project management team then there you have them. Listed above are some of the key roles that members of the project management team play in any company.

From the role above, it is right to say that project management is a well-organized process carried out by well capable and experienced people that include a certified associate in project management.