The Reason to Hire a Penetration Testing Company Malaysia

These days technologies are so advanced in which many people take advantage of the technology. For instance, Policemen use advanced GPS systems to track down a suspect. Technology is able to help people to be more efficient and effective to conduct work projects. However, advance technology may lead to an easier method for a hacker to hack into websites. Penetration testing company is able to strengthen the security of the application.

penetration test service

The current trend to conduct business is through the online platform because a business is able to reach a wider range of audience at a lower cost. Moreover, many customers have a high demand for online shopping because of the convenience using the internet. The risk of online business is the transaction of credit hence pentest company in Malaysia is able to enhance the security of the website.

How Pentester Company Conduct The Service

It is recommended for a new website to run through a pen test before publishing it to the public. This is to strengthen the website security to avoid it being hacked from hackers and protection of website data. A pentester company will test the common area of a website that gets hacked by hackers.

These top pen test service providers will hire a hacker to hack into the website to test the weak spot. However, the consent from the website owner is agreed to conduct such a service. When the website is been hacked by the certified hacker, the website owner will further enhance the security of the weak spots.

There are many lists of penetration test companies that are reliable and reputable in Malaysia. These companies are professional in conducting the service hence people are able to ensure the hacking of the website is a lesser chance. It is better to hire a professional hacker from LE- Global because it decreases the change of the website to get hacked. 

People of Malaysia is able to hire a crest pentest Malaysia as the company is reputable as the staff are competent in conducting the service. Moreover, the company practice good guidance to the staff hence a person is able to enjoy good website security service.

Download Pen Test Application

With the advancement of technology, customers are able to download the mobile app or application penetration testing to test the security of the website. The mobile is able to let people check the weak part of the website security. 

mobile penetration in malaysia

Therefore, the web app penetration test Malaysia is able to further improve the online security strength testing anytime. This helps the website owner to frequently check the weak spot of the website and strengthen the security.

Wireless network penetration Malaysia is able to influence more people to adopt the online business. That is because the penetration company is able to ensure the security of the website. Website owner is able to conduct frequent testing through the mobile app. 

Banking Security Penetration Testing

Swift security assessment service is able to help to bank security to further improve the transaction when the customer makes credit to credit transfer. Therefore, customers are able to worry-free when conduction a transaction.

Customer is able to read the source code review. Therefore, the pentester will machine language so that the computer will understand. Good security website enables you to have more visitor entering the website.

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