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Everyone considers the wedding day to be the most important occasion in his or her life. Both the bride and the groom will want to display their unique style that will be a representation of their image. Kuala Lumpur based Limousine rental companies provide a wide range of limousine vehicles that you can choose from. You can always get a Limousine vehicle that will meet the standards of your wedding.

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Car rental Malaysia offers Limousine services throughout the region a KL cannot be an exemption. You may want the chauffeur services to drop you at the KLIA as you head for your honeymoon. Most of the services that these companies offer are on a 24/7 basis and they have excellent packages that come at very reasonable rates.



The most prudent thing to do is to search for the top Limousine services in Kuala Lumpur and make a telephone conversation with the company representatives before making a physical visit. You will discover that different packages have various Limousine services to offer for your wedding. You can talk about your requirements and the type of vehicle that will be good for you. It is advisable to hold a discussion with at least five car rental Malaysia services.  Remember it is your special day and you need to choose the best type of vehicle that is available in the market. You also need a reliable company because someone may mess up your big day. You can shortlist two Limousine companies after the telephone discussion. Plan to make a personal visit to the companies to be able to narrow down to one.


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The type of Limousine you choose will depend on the number of guests you would like to travel along with you. You will be required to choose a stretch limousine if you want to accommodate six to ten people on the ride.  Some of the additional luxury features you will find in these vehicles include surround sound, DVD, fibre optic lighting, and wet bar just to name a few. It is recommended to go for a book SUV if you will be dealing with a larger group. SUVs have additional features like surround stereos, mirrored ceiling, plasma TV and are very spacious.

Most companies in KL will rent out the limousine to you with a professional limousine chauffeur. The chauffeurs have full knowledge of the local events and geography and are extremely conscious of their driving. The experience they give to you will make you feel like a real V.I.P. You must book your wedding limousine in advance because the whole process requires a lot of planning.

It’s wise to book in advance because limousine car hires service in Malaysia sometimes get overwhelmed with rush bookings. You don’t want to miss out on your dream wedding car because of such delays. You will be able to get the best deal and model that will match your requirements and style. You may only have one chance to wed in life and you deserve to get the best.




Are you shopping for an event space KL for your wedding, birthday, anniversary, graduation, corporate meeting, training, retreat, seminar or any other occasion? Pause a bit and learn some of the things you need to put into consideration. Most facilities have been upping their game by providing more than what the customer expects to receive. This is the attitude you should be looking for from any company that plans for an event venue organized for gatherings in Kuala Lumpur.

For instance, some traditional wedding event space for rent now offer training room for rent in KL, meeting room for rent, and seminar room for rent in Kuala Lumpur. This means that you can use the same event venue in KL for holding your steering committee meetings as you wait for the main occasion. Some event management companies are courteous enough to reduce the rental cost for the meeting as long as you will be using the same venue to host your main event.

The good thing is that event space for rental companies have a lot of flexibility and can tailor your event to anything that you want. The guiding principle is to make sure that the event company has the ability to deliver what you are exactly searching for. The best way to tell this is by simply gathering some basic information about the brand that you wish to bring on board.


  1. Does the facility have the required experience?

You may want to make sure that the facility you are hiring has the right experience depending on the kind of type of event you will be hosting. For instance, several event venues in KL can host wedding services but you may be having a specific customs or traditions that will be performed on your wedding day. Make sure that the set-up of the venue you choose has the capacity to facilitate such activities. You may also make enquiries with regard to religious events just to be sure that the event space for rent can handle the type of reception you want. Remember experience has more to do with the staff and not the facility itself. You need highly-experienced employees who have been handling these types of events for a long period.

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  1. Catering

You will rarely come across an event that does not go along with food. The quality, amount, and type of food vary from one event and location to another. Look at what the company has to offer before you sign the deal. Understand the type of food and other catering services that the company offers. You may need to be keener especially when you are dealing with traditional meals.


  1. Consider Planning Expertise

Consider the amount of help that the event space KL company will give you while planning your occasion. You need a planner who will work for hand in hand with you. He should be willing to make several enquiries just to be sure that he is doing the right thing. This type of collaboration is what will make your event a great success. The venue you choose should be able to give you all the above services. Get value for your money by making sure that the event turns out to be what you wanted.

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