Important Things To Know About Corporate Gifts in Malaysia

Giving out gifts is an old tradition that continues up to this day. It is good to gift those people that you love and care about. It tells you why several companies and businesses in Malaysia are investing a lot of energy and money to show gratitude to their esteemed customers, business partners and even employees.  However, with the increasing trend in premium corporate gifts, most of the gifts that are received by the business partners, customers, and employees go unnoticed, disposed of immediately, or unused.

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Therefore, it is crucial to hitting the nail on the head when it comes to corporate gift ideas. Evidence shows that there exists a positive correlation between giving out gifts and business activity. Therefore, you need to distinguish between gifts that will be forgotten, resent, or untouched to those that will be remembered. Here are some tips to help you to choose the best gift ideas;

1. Appropriateness

The kind of gifts that you send to your customers depends on the relationship that you maintain with them. However, it has nothing to do with the volume of sale the customer has generated or the period you have been doing business with the client. It has more to do with how close is that relationship.

Some customers keep it purely professional and won’t appreciate the gesture. For new business relationships, maintain a balance so that the gifts aren’t personal, too lavish, or give an impression of bribe. A reputable corporate gifts supplier in Malaysia will advise you on the best corporate gift ideas depending on the prevailing relationship.

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2. Usefulness

People value the gifts that they can use on a daily basis more. These well thought out gifts benefit both the company and the recipient because you have put your money and energy to good use. These gifts also have a high company recall value by your recipients.

You can also give out a useful item in bulk to the whole office of a business partner as this will create a favourable impression about your brand. It explains why you need to go for custom made corporate gifts most of the time.   

3. Presentation

Presentation matter a lot and a personalized gift company should pay close attention to this element. Get a good wrapping paper and ribbons to help you create a memorable impression. You can also create more impact by sending a handwritten card that has a personalized message.

Some of these little things from Inetolgift Malaysia will go a long way to please you the recipient. You can also hand-deliver the gift at the home or office depending on the relationship. Special gifts on occasions like anniversaries and birthdays will increase the relationship further.

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4. Personalization

It is always good to go for personalized corporate gifts. There is no need to buy a product in bulk and these distribute it to the stakeholders. In such a case, such a gift will not touch them. Get to understand what each stakeholder like and their favourite colour. These insights will help you to personalize the corporate gifts and show that you care about them as you understand their taste and style.

5. Promotion

You can put your logo on the gift to help you advertise your brand at no cost. Personalized branded gifts work well for practical items like a calendar, mug, bag, etc. However, be keen about those people who don’t like to parade around with the logo of another company. The logo can also eliminate the personalization factor and hence you need to know the best time to use it. It is best to use the logo when you are gifting an expensive item and want the recipient to feel that it personally comes from your company.

6. Healthy

You can give out dry fruits and gifts as corporate gifts to your customers. However, most people are becoming health conscious nowadays and prefer less sugar especially during festivals. A personalized gift company in Malaysia will advise you on the healthiest corporate gift options in Malaysia.

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