February 2019

There are many pizza delivery Singapore services that you can find online today. All pizza restaurants typically will provide an online service for food delivery for customers. Even restaurants with the best pizza restaurants come comes with delivery services.

This is all thanks to the advancement of technology that has allowed us to be able to complete many tasks online. Besides pizza, there are many applications like Food Panda and Uber Eats that provide food delivery services.

However, in contrast to pizza restaurants, these third-party online food delivery services can deliver various types of food from various restaurants.

This is done through a form of partnership between the delivery company and the restaurant. Thus, it is seen that the internet has influenced the whole food delivery industry, regardless of whether the restaurant is big or small.

Given the nature of how society works today, it is hard for a restaurant to not adapt to the technology. If a restaurant of chain wishes to grow big, it is important for them to have a good website and provide online food delivery near me services.

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How you can order online

There are a few simple steps to enjoy your pizza home delivery services. First, you must visit the website of the pizza store that you wish to purchase your pizza from. A few famous ones are Domino’s Pizza and Pizza Hut.

Once you are in the website, you will be required to create a personalized account online by providing basic details such as your name, phone number and house address so that they can successfully deliver the pizza to your doorstep. You will be given the option to choose if you want to receive their newsletter or not. This is one way for companies to make use of data for marketing purposes but of course, the company has the obligation and responsibility to keep your data private and confidential.

After signing up, you can start ordering your pizzas by visiting their menu and selecting the flavour, size and crust of pizza you desire. Before you proceed to have your online order pizza, the price of the pizza inclusive of delivery fees should be shown before checkout. Thus, you will not have to worry about any hidden costs. Most pizza companies offer the option of payment with cards online or cash on delivery. If you don’t feel safe giving out your card details online, cash on delivery can be an option for you.

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At times, delivery can be slow depending on various factors like traffic and rain. If you have a pizza restaurant nearby to pick up your order instead of waiting for the delivery, you can do so by selecting the ‘pizza restaurant near me’ or ‘takeaway pizza near me’ option and see which restaurant is located nearest to you. Then, you can select that restaurant for pick up option and they will inform you once your order is ready for collection. Often, pizza restaurants will give discount promotions for those who order online and pick up at the store. This is a common practice for Domino.

Advantages of ordering online

1. Fast and easy

Food order online is convenient and can be just one click away. It is less of a hassle as you do not have to step out of your house. With any smart devices and access to the internet, you can simply visit the website and order online. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes if you are familiar with the website, making it a fast service. The website is also easy to use. You can get to enjoy your pepperoni pizza at home.

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2. Efficient service

As the system of the restaurant is integrated with the online world, everything is centralised and makes it easier for them to track and prepare orders. There will also be less miscommunication between customers and restaurant, making the whole process much more efficient and time-saving. There will always be a ‘delivery food near me’ for customers to choose to make the whole process quicker.

The internet is seemingly everywhere, but choosing the best internet packages can be a knotty undertaking.

With most of the people using the internet almost every day, having internet access in your home has become an essential part of our daily lives.

Since in the past decade, the internet has gradually undertaken a role in everyone daily lives which promises for more convenience, ease and boundless knowledge.

The distances between a loved one and prospective international business partners are kept short with just a video call.

Indeed, choosing the right fit internet plan in Malaysia is a daunting task and can be complicated.

This is especially true with so many different providers in internet business that competing for business.

Besides, with the confusing contract details, and tons of the fine prints, you might end up making the wrong decision.

So here is the quick guide that will help you to look for the best internet plan.

1. Coverage

The internet coverage is the key and priority when you sign up for any internet plan. Like TIME coverage is limited that covers only apartment and condominium.

You need to check whether your area is fully covered by the internet provider to experience a seamless internet.

No matter how fast the speed of the internet, it is pointless if your area is not fully covered.

If your area is not covered or it is partially covered, you may not be able to access the internet or your web speed maybe is much slower than the speed you are paying for.

You usually could find the details of Internet covered areas on the TIME website.

But if you are not sure about it, you also can contact the provider’s customer service for more details.

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2. Bandwidth

Next, find how much internet speed you need.

Once you know which providers offer service in your area and what packages are available, it is time to figure out exactly what you need of your internet service.

Although some internet package can provide excellent customer service, if the service is not fast enough for what you need, it definitely will fall short.

Bandwidth defines the speed of your internet connection.

The higher the bandwidth you have, the faster your web speed will be.

The amount of bandwidth you need depends on what you use the Internet

Speed is crucial for heavy internet users who use to watch videos, play online games or download music.

It is recommended to use TIME Wi-Fi that uses TIME fibre optic that designated for high-speed internet.

time wifi

Now that you already know what internet speed you need, test your current connection to see whether how it matches up.

You probably already have an idea of how satisfied you are with the current internet.

By having a test on the internet connection will give you a benchmark to compare against other providers and packages.

3. Price

Even though the price definitely is the only factor you should consider, it is also important to know how much you can afford to pay for the internet.

time coverage

This even can help you to set a budget for yourself and consider the internet package whether it is worth it or not.

Once you know how much your monthly internet budget is, you will be able to shop around for the plan while meets both your internet usage requirements and your budget.

Thus, with all different factors to consider, you need to compare internet plan carefully!

If you are looking for the best deal that offers a high-speed internet at an affordable price, try to look for Broadband TIME Home Internet package.

The price starts at RM 99 monthly for 100 Mbps for you to enjoy the ultimate seamless high-speed internet.